Chris Wilson, BA(Hons), PsychD, MBACP

Dip. Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy
BA Hons Architecture


Professional Registration

  • Member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy and working towards accreditation (UKCP)

  • Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
    I abide by their respective codes of ethical practice.

I have experience in several NHS settings, working with addiction recovery in hospitals, with frontline A&E psych liaison teams, and as a resident GP counsellor. These clinical settings were followed by long-term depth psychotherapy work within various charities.


I undergo extensive ongoing training as a member of both UKCP and BACP.

What led me to psychotherapy?

I was born in Northern Ireland in 1981, and grew up during the peak of ‘the troubles’- a time that was characterized by violence and unrest. This forced me to look at, and later come to terms with, the dark and destructive aspects of reality. 


After training as an architect, I travelled widely in search of a sense of fulfilment that seemed to exist wherever, and whenever, I was not. This was a fertile time of exploration, and a journey through addiction and dissociation as I discovered all the ways in which I could temporarily forget myself.


During this time, I developed an active interest in philosophy and contemplative practice as a means to make sense of the unanswered questions around meaning, purpose, and mortality - obstacles that were preventing me from making a full commitment to life. Thus began a deconstructive process that was initially painful and disorienting, but ultimately returned me to an embodied sense of self that resolved much internal conflict.


This ‘detour’ continues to bear fruit in the form of insight related to the origins of suffering and personal identity, along with a fundamental sense of ease and stability that grounds awareness in the present moment.


This is supported by an education in western psychological theory and practice, gained from a rigorous 5 year training in counselling & psychotherapy. 

Alongside my work as a psychotherapist, I write about various subjects including philosophy, therapy, mindfulness, non-duality, relationships, culture, spirituality, and more. You can read some of my essays here.

I'm also a practicing fine artist with an interest in portraiture and figurative work.

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