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“Neurosis is the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning.”
― C.G. Jung



As an accredited UKCP psychotherapist I understand well the difficulties we all face in life. The things that hold so much promise for fulfilment can also cause us so much disappointment and pain. In our search for satisfaction we inevitably neglect aspects of ourselves that remain under-developed and become obstacles to our fulfilment.


For this reason, I take a holistic approach to psychotherapy that addresses not just the mind and emotions, but also the body and consciousness. Difficulties in life are often pointers to where we have become imbalanced; they can be opportunities for growth and greater self-awareness.

Together, we can explore what might be going on beneath the surface. I will help you develop skills and tools that you can use to manage and reduce your symptoms. More importantly, I can help you to find a meaning in your suffering.

I have worked with people who have sought counselling or therapy for the following reasons:

  • diagnosed conditions such as depression and obsessive disorders, Asperger's syndrome, bipolar disorder, and acute social anxiety.

  • confusion around sexuality and sexual dysfunction

  • challenging life transitions (illness, career change, divorce and cultural acclimation)

  • addictions, such as alcoholism, marijuana abuse and sexual compulsivity

  • looking for direction and meaning in life

  • seeking to know yourself more deeply

  • suicidal ideation and attempts

  • worry, stress and negativity

  • relationship and family problems, including domestic abuse

  • chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

  • post natal depression

Ready to start?

Contact me to arrange an initial 15 minute zoom consultation free of charge.


This will be an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your needs in a friendly and relaxed setting. Should we agree to work together, I will ask you to commit to an initial 8 sessions after which we can reassess your needs.


It is often the case that people settle into a deeper exploration of attachment issues beyond the initial 8 week period, but this will be your decision to make.


Email -

Phone - 07837165148

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