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A Bit About Me...

I was born in rural Ireland in 1981, and grew up amidst the peak of ‘the troubles’- a time that was characterized by violence and unrestThe political chaos of that time was in sharp contrast to my personal life where I found peace in the fields and forests of Ireland. I became aware of a connection to the land that felt more spiritual to me than the church I was forced to visit every Sunday morning.

These formative years left me with a powerful need to make sense of death and suffering, and a longing to reconnect with something that had been lost.

After training as an architect, I lived in various parts of the world and travelled widely in pursuit of a happiness that would not come and go. With the benefit of hindsight, and a little more wisdom, I now see this period as a necessary journey through addiction and dissociation as I discovered all the ways in which I could temporarily forget myself.

During this time, I developed quite a sincere interest in philosophy and contemplative practice as a way to make sense of the unanswered questions I had around meaning, and mortality - obstacles that were preventing me from making a full commitment to life. This interest initiated a deconstructive process that was painful and disorienting, but which ultimately healed a fundamental split between mind and body. Traversing this  passage has given me a deep trust in the meandering ways of life, and a recognition that life's challenges are the necessary soil from which compassion and wisdom grow.

I have been living in London since 2011 and practicing psychotherapy & counselling since 2018.

Alongside my work as a psychotherapist, I write about various subjects including philosophy, therapy, meditation, non-duality, relationships, culture, spirituality, and more. You can read my essays here.


I'm also a practicing fine artist with an interest in photography, portraiture and figurative work. You can see some of my work here.

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