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I want therapy but I'm nervous about starting


Choosing to start therapy can be the result of a long process of struggling with painful feelings, trauma, or low self-worth. As such, it can often be a daunting prospect to reach out in the attempt to find relief. Sessions will be a collaborative endeavour that may at times be challenging, but will move at a pace that does not overwhelm.

The initial sessions of therapy will be a chance for us both to get a sense of each other in a friendly and relaxed environment. You will be welcomed just as you are, however anxious, depressed, or scared you may feel.

How long is each session and how long will therapy take?


Sessions generally start on the hour and last for 50 minutes. Sessions take place at the same time every week and require of you a weekly commitment. The length of therapy will be entirely dependent on your goals, although at a minimum, an initial commitment of 8 sessions is recommended.


Why do I need to attend every week?


Successful therapeutic outcomes are greatly dependent on the structure of the therapeutic relationship. The consistency and stability of this structure acts as a supportive container that allows the psyche to open, and the work to progress at a depth that promotes insight and change. Weekly attendance is the foundation of this structure, and the minimum requirement that therapy asks of you. A more in-depth look at why weekly therapy is prescribed can be found here.

What is your policy around holidays and cancellations?


I generally take holidays mid-summer and Christmas time, and will notify you well in advance of these breaks.
Inevitably, there will be times when you may need to cancel due to unexpected events. While I understand that this is an unavoidable fact of our busy lives, I have a 48 hour notice period for cancellations. Missed sessions within this notice period will be billed at the usual rate.

During our work together, I'd ask that you keep holidays and cancellations to a minimum.

How do I find the right counsellor in West London for me?


The work that we do together will likely be highly personal, so it is important that you choose a therapist that you feel you can trust and respect. Effective therapy will, at times,  be challenging as you learn to tolerate and explore uncomfortable feelings. 

I have written an article called 'Choosing the right therapist for you'. I recommend asking these questions as a minimum:

·        How long have you been practicing?

·        Which professional organizations do you belong to, and do you have any other relevant                           qualifications?             

·        How much do you charge and how long is each session?

·        How many clients have you had with similar circumstances to my own?

·        Do you work online or in-person?

·        What are your working hours?

Do you use Freudian or Jungian analysis techniques?


As an integrative psychotherapist, I do not rely on any single therapeutic modality, but employ a variety of techniques and theoretical frameworks where appropriate for the client and their specific needs.
My orientation is fundamentally humanistic and existential, in the sense that I place emphasis on the relational aspect of therapy, and bring a philosophical perspective to client material.


Do you offer a sliding scale for payments?


Yes, I can slightly lower my rate depending on circumstances. Generally, lowered rates will correspond to client's income. Unfortunately, I can only do this sparingly and my capacity to do so is dependent on charging full price to those who can afford it.

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