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In clinical terms, my therapeutic approach is integrative, incorporating psychodynamic, humanistic, and transpersonal principles where appropriate to meet the needs of individual clients. I do not force a particular framework or technique, but instead will respond to the material that emerges in each session. In this way, sessions unfold organically and are directed by clients; they are exploratory instead of structured.


I place an emphasis on the relational aspect of therapy which means that I use the therapeutic relationship as a guide to unconscious patterns of relating that may originate in attachment wounds and are contributing to presenting issues.

In philosophical termsI think of the therapeutic space as an opportunity to deepen one's connection to being, as an antidote to the anxious doing state that leaves us feeling alienated from ourselves and others.

I have found that clients come to recognize that the therapy hour represents a transition into a more expansive and embodied state of consciousness that allows unconscious material such as limiting beliefs, self-constructs and patterns of relating to bubble up to the surface where they can be witnessed.  

In this way, symptom relief happens, not because it is the focus of therapy, but as a result of relaxing one's focus on the idea of fixing itself, which can be just another addictive process that hinders our ability to be present. This requires a kind of settling in to the therapeutic relationship and the psychological holding that it offers.

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